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Exceeding a Nation’s Expectations

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Exceeding a Nation’s Expectations

At Ceylinco Insurance PLC, we measure our success by more than just numbers. To us, our true triumph lies in satisfying the needs of our stakeholders, and in adding value to their lives. This is our greatest achievement, and that is why we do our utmost to serve the people day after day.

As a diversified conglomerate with interests in insurance, education, hydropower, healthcare and financial services, we are present in all walks of life, steadfastly serving millions of Sri Lankans every day.

Today, as we fuel the success of a nation and its people, we are creating an abundance of wealth for those we serve, prioritising their needs above all else. This is our pledge both now and into the future – to empower lives and dedicate our every effort to ensure the country’s well-being in all we do, as we achieve our goal to exceed a nation’s expectations.

Our Core Sectors

At Ceylinco Insurance, holistic business excellence is built into our DNA. Value creation stems from all elements of our operations and flows across our wide range of sectors, including General and Life insurance, Hydropower, Education, Development Banking and Healthcare.